It feels like an ode to Jurassic Park

Mercedes-Benz is on the cusp of debuting its all-new 2019 G-Wagen. In fact, the reveal party is set for January 15, 2018, at the Detroit Auto Show. Ahead of Detroit, though, Mercedes has released a teaser commercial for the next-gen G-Class, and boy, it seems to reference Jurassic Park pretty hard.

Remember the scene from the original movie from 1993 where dinosaurs were brought back to life using DNA extracted from a mosquito that had survived centuries encased in amber? Well, it seems Mercedes is doing the same with the new G-Wagen – bringing it back to life by using DNA from the 1979 G-Wagen. The teaser commercial shows the 1979 model, which was the first year of the long-running previous generation, encased in a block of amber like it’s been preserved for centuries. In truth, it’s been Mercedes that has kept the G-Wagen so well preserved, having given it minimal updates through the decades.

Of course, that’s changing for the 2019 model year. The new G-Class is wider, longer, and more luxurious, while still capable off the beaten path. Mercedes has already shown the G-Wagen’s swanky new interior. It includes inspiration from the S-Class sedan and offers 5.9 inches of additional legroom for rear passengers. Modern safety and connectivity features will be present, too, along with new drivetrain options.

TopSpeed will have the full details on January 15, but until then, have a look at this fun, 53-second video. And don’t be surprised is Mercedes continues its association with the Jurassic Park movie fancies in any future films. It’s easy to imagine Chris Pratt outrunning a T-Rex in a modified G-Wagen.

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