Mercedes’ electric revolution is about to begin

Fresh off of unveiling the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrows Concept at Pebble Beach, Mercedes is now all-hands on deck for the upcoming debut of its first-ever all-electric model, the EQC. The electric crossover is scheduled to debut on September 4, and the hype train is leaving the tracks this early, carrying a new teaser video of the EQC with it.

Mercedes-Benz is flipping the switch: On September 4th, we will present our first all-electric Mercedes-Benz model of our new EQ brand. Here's the very first design detail. #switchtoEQ #MercedesBenz #Mercedes #Benz #EQ #MercedesEQ #ElectricMobility
It’s happening on September 4 in Stockholm, Sweden

The Mercedes EQC is arriving so expect the teasers to come hot and heavy in the coming weeks. We’ve known for a while now that Mercedes’ first all-electric model would be the EQC. We’ve known its name for some time, too, largely because Mercedes hasn’t shied away from talking about it in recent months. There’s no shame in that. The EQC is arguably one of the most important models Mercedes has announced in the last few years. It’s the first model under Mercedes’ newly created EQ sub-brand. There’s pressure that comes with being the pioneer, and the EQC is going to carry it like a burden on its shoulders.

Fortunately, that burden isn’t as heavy as we all thought. The initial details provided to us are promising, including the crossover using a 70 kWh battery that has a range of 310 miles under “very optimistic driving conditions.” Those are interesting figures, to say the least.

Mercedes Teases the EQC EV before September 4th Debut Exterior
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A higher capacity battery and an all-wheel-drive system could also be in the cards. Mercedes wants to put its best foot forward when it launches the EQ brand, and the EQC crossover is going to be the face of that launch, hence the importance that the crossover is better than advertised.

The teaser for the EQC doesn’t reveal anything significant other than the lighting fixture the crossover’s going to come with. We’ve known for a while that the headlamps will feature the curved LEDs, but the teaser also shows a surprising twist to the proceedings: the LEDs appear to run the width of the crossover. That’s welcome news from a car that’s shaping up to be a looker.

Other than that, the teaser doesn’t say anything important other than the debut schedule of the EQC. It’s happening on September 4 in Stockholm, Sweden. Better jump on board the hype train when it passes, folks. The Mercedes EQC is coming.

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