• Mercedes Teases The Vision EQXX Concept - A Promise to Deliver 750-Miles of Range

If this is the feature, range anxiety will no longer be a thing

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Mercedes-Benz is working on a brand-new, all-electric concept car. It’s called the Vision EQXX and the German firm released teaser images and some details during its 2020 strategy update presentation. By far the biggest highlight is its record-breaking range, estimated at around 750 miles!

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a highly streamlined prototype

Mercedes Teases The Vision EQXX Concept - A Promise to Deliver 750-Miles of Range
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The teaser images are limited to a darkened shot of the concept's profile and another picture of the front hood. However, it's enough to see that the German company has gone to great lengths to make this concept as aerodynamic as possible.

The EQXX boasts the already iconic teardrop design, which is the ideal shape to minimize drag. Used for the first time in the 1920s, it was later used on streamliner cars like the Chrysler Airflow and Lincoln Zephyr and eventually inspired many common automobiles.

The EQXX boasts rounded and muscular fenders front and rear as well as a bubble-style roof that becomes steep toward the back. The front hood is a bit short compared to the car’s overall length. The rear deck, on the other hand, is relatively long and extends downward to create a boat-tail-like effect. The front fenders are notably higher than the center section of the hood, a feature usually seen on race-spec prototypes and early speed record vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is insanely efficient

Mercedes Teases The Vision EQXX Concept - A Promise to Deliver 750-Miles of Range
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Mercedes didn't reveal any specifics, but it did say that the EQXX could travel from Beijing to Shanghai on a single charge.

That’s a range of about 750 miles, some 50-percent more than the most efficient Tesla out there, the Model S Plaid, capable of around 520 miles. No word on the car’s electric motors, output, or battery technology, but the EQXX was developed with support from the AMG High-Performance Powertrain division, which has plenty of racing experience with electric motors.

“The easiest way is to put a bigger battery in the car, but it leads to diminishing returns. The key is the efficiency of vehicle and powertrain,” the company said, hinting that aerodynamics play a key role in the concept’s amazing range.

Technology for the future

Mercedes Teases The Vision EQXX Concept - A Promise to Deliver 750-Miles of Range
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The EQXX is more of a technical showcase than a concept car, which means that it could have a working drivetrain rather than a list of impressive performance specs. Mercedes-Benz confirmed that technology from the EQXX will find their way into EQ-badged production models, but it will probably take a few years before the German firm offers EVs with more than 500 miles of range.

The EQXX will probably be unveiled by the end of October 2020, so stay tuned for the full details on this futuristic concept car.

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