With Audi and BMW beginning to utilize diesel technology, Mercedes-Benz has decided to join the fight for efficiency with its top of the line model. Mercedes has just announced that the S350 diesel will be coming to the United States. The luxury car will pack a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel that will put out 241 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft. of torque, a bit more output than the European version with its 235 hp and 398 lb.-ft. It will be the only S-Class diesel to be sold in the United States.

The S350 will bear the BlueTec badge and will use AdBlue urea injection technology to clean the exhaust. The S350 will get the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system and will be capable of around 37 miles per gallon. That is a massive gain over the S550, S600 and the S400 hybrid that get 19 city and 26 highway.

Little is known of the Mercedes’ price because Mum seems to be the word in regards to it. Mercedes says they will not release pricing until closer to the car’s launch in the first quarter of 2011.

If the S350 BlueTec works out, Mercedes might just have a leg up on the competition. This vehicle will improve Mercedes’ overall fuel economy and the smaller engine will coincide nicely with the "green" movement currently snowballing into the future.


Source: BenzInsider

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  (806) posted on 06.2.2010

Classy and elegant looking sedan, MB is already making use of the diesel technology to increase more fuel efficiency and low cost fuel.

  (433) posted on 06.1.2010

Eh... thats nice. if diesel was cheaper, and easier to get, Id almost consider it. What I really want is a SWB S class... and no more R class

  (134) posted on 06.1.2010

Well, this Mercedes S350 diesel looks gorgeous so I think Americans will be attracted on it. Also, I think it can achieve success in the market.

  (1332) posted on 05.31.2010

Impressive! They brought back the diesel engine out of MB cars again, but to be honest previews diesel engines of MB are very noisy and generates a lot of vibration.

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