Mercedes is start loosing weight! Starting 2010, the company will switch to aluminum bodywork for two vital new sports cars: the SLC and the SL. The first companies that made this move were Jaguar and Audi.

The new lightweight materials will improve handling, ride, performance and fuel economy. The first to use aluminum bodywork will be the 2010 SLC, Mercedes’ R8 fighter, followed in 2012 by the next generation SL.

Both cars will be front-engined rear-drivers and will share key components such as engines, gearboxes, axles and electrical systems.

Two new proposals are under consideration, one a retro design inspired by the iconic 1950s 300SLR racer and the other one will feature a modern avant-garde design. The SLR-inspired design is said to feature an updated version of the original car’s hallmark gullwing doors.

The SLC will be priced at more than $150,000 when it will be available on 2010.

Source: Autoweek

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