First Audi lobbed off two cylinders, then BMW followed. But not to be outdone, Mercedes is now rumored to be losing as much as four cylinders on some of its largest and fastest cars.

Mercedes may be looking to replace its V10 and V12 models with four different models of twin turbo versions of its V8 engines. The cars that are likely effected will be the future S600, CL600, SL600, S65, CL65, and SL65.

The luxury automaker was rumored to be working on a replacement for its current V12 engine, but the recent shift in the importance of fuel economy and emissions has likely halted that work. The idea is that the twin-turbos will be able to offer similar performance V10 and V12 models, but should return better fuel economy due to the lighter weight and less thirsty nature.


Source: AutoBild

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Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 12.2.2008

Don’t say that... Don’t even think that!!! You have a very good point, it’s just a horrible thought.

It’s one thing for the Germans to go all turbo-happy, but to de-ball a beautiful Italian V12 would make the world a much sadder place.

Myles_Kornblatt  (19) posted on 12.2.2008

Yep times are tough, what next, the italians will drop V12’s to??

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