Mercedes Will Start Subletting its V-12 Engine Production

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Mark this date on you calendar, as this is the day that you found out that Mercedes-Benz will no longer manufacture its own V-12 engines. Okay, maybe it’s not that big of a deal, considering the task of building these engines is simply being outsourced to its performance arm, AMG. This is most likely due to the fact that AMG has more models that utilize the Mercedes V-12 engine or it could be a very slick way for Mercedes to earn more customers.

This can also lead to more boutique automakers seeking help from AMG with their V-12 engines, much like Pagani did with the Huayra. Not many automakers would like to say “Yeah, we have a Mercedes engine,” but who in their right mind wouldn’t be impressed with “Our supercar boasts a V-12 AMG engine.”

Not only is the production of the engines moving to AMG, but so are the manufacturing principles. AMG believes in the one-man-one-engine system, which means that each engine has only one person touching it. According to the report, this process will be applied to even regular old Mercedes V-12 engines, not just AMG models.

The assumption is that the first Mercedes-Benz to boast of an AMG 12-cylinder engine will be the 2014 S600, but we could see something come even sooner than that. Either way, this can be nothing but a good thing for Mercedes, we just wonder why it didn’t think of this earlier.


Source: Motor Authority

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  (377) posted on 09.3.2012

AMG has the right to give what they think the best for the safety and purpose of their vehicle.

  (647) posted on 09.2.2012

It surprised me that they have the engine option like they had before.

  (780) posted on 08.31.2012

What’s behind on that camouflage? It looks interesting, and I need to look for its further details.

  (331) posted on 08.31.2012

The AMG made it good for this V-12 engine. This Mercedes will start in a new dimension.

  (579) posted on 08.30.2012

They will just implement this on the S-class only right?

  (613) posted on 08.30.2012

Great news ahead for production. Now the S-class will be more alluring.

  (392) posted on 08.29.2012

V12 engines have some fuel consumption issues. But they will surely bring you the performance you want.

  (528) posted on 08.29.2012

With that arrangement, they are more eager to gain the attention back on them from different markets.

  (777) posted on 08.28.2012

For me, it’s a good news. The AMG will now be responsible on producing the engines of the Mercedes, so we can now assure of the powerful performance of the Mercedes models.

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