Mercury isn’t the first car brand that comes to mind when people talk about muscle cars. But, back in the 1970’s, the dissolved American manufacturer the Cyclone — a pony car that has since grown in stature today because of the limited number of models that were built during its nine-year life span. It’s hard to come across a Cyclone these days, let alone one that still runs like a thoroughbred. In the event that you are looking for one that fits this bill, Alexander Brevik has one over in Norway.

Unlike some of the beaten down Cyclones that you might stumble upon in God-knows-where, Brevik’s Cyclone isn’t just in working condition, it’s actually in incredible shape — so much so that Brevik himself describes it as if it just came out of the factory. One look at the Cyclone in this video presented by Petrolicious and it’s easy to see what the young Norwegian is talking about.

This man, after all, earns his keep by restoring cars, a passion he admitted was cultivated when he was still a child. He’s got an impressive list of project cars that he’s working on these days, but he’s real pride and joy is his 1969 Cyclone, which he restored to the hilt. The polished orange paint on the muscle car glistens under the sun like it’s brand new. According to Brevik, his Cyclone has a three-speed manual gearbox, standard suspension, stiffened shocks and springs, and racing wheels. It also has a 5.8-liter, V-8 Windsor engine that lets out one of the most natural engine roars you’ll ever hear from a Cyclone. The sound the engine makes when the ignition is turned is pure magic.

A Mercury Cyclone running roughshod on the backroads of Norway may seem ridiculous to some people, but for Alexander Brevik, it’s an everyday occurrence.


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