You could say it’s coming along swimmingly

It’s been a long time coming, but the Fisker Emotion looks like it’ll be the best thing created since toilet paper… or… uh, at least since the Tesla Model S, anyway. Looking at the important bits – it could use Fisker’s new battery, so it’ll have 500 miles of range, it’s gorgeous, and is said to offer level 5 autonomy. Butterfly doors are also standard because, well, Fisker. But, the one thing we haven’t had the chance to lay eyes on yet is the interior, but that’s soon about the change as Fisker gears up for a full review at CES in January. And, before that happens, the man has decided to release a sketch showing off a basic design concept with a massive color palette followed by a shot of a door trim panel being wrapped in leather. Let’s check ‘em out…

Luxury of the Future

Fisker hasn’t exactly had the most amazing past, hitting several setbacks along his way, but he’s finally looking be at the top of his game, and maybe he really is redefining the future of luxury. What do you think?

Luxury Means Leather

Here, you can see part of a door trim panel, more specifically, the armrest being wrapped in the oh-so-fine leather as Team Fisker works to get the Emotion interior done before it debuts on Jan 9th at CES. What are your thoughts on this color choice?


Fisker Emotion

2019 Fisker EMotion High Resolution Exterior
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Source: Fisker Official

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