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’MF Ghost’ Is The Latest Car-related Japanese Anime, And It Picks Up Where ’Initial D’ Left

The sequel to the original Initial D series drops in 2023, and it’s shaping up to be the greatest Japanese anime about cars. Eurobeat intensifies

If you are a car enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve, at least, heard of Initial D. The Japanese anime was first released in 1998 and focused around a Takumi Fujiwara – a young boy, delivering tofu in an old Toyota AE86. The story, which was divided into a few “stages”, is being continued by a new series, called MF Ghost, which seems to be picking up where Initial D left off.

'MF Ghost' Is The Latest Car-related Japanese Anime, And It Picks Up Where 'Initial D' Left
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Initial D’s successor kicks things up a notch
MF Ghost gives Initial D protagonist, Takumi Fujiwara, a new ride and new opponents

The second trailer of the new anime recently came out, and we immediately notice the new car of the main protagonist. The anime has been in the works for a while now, since Takumi Fujiwara is now seen driving an orange Toyota GT86. We, actually, saw an easter egg hinting at the main protagonist’s future ride in the last episode of Initial D where Takumi still drove the Panda Trueno AE86.

The orange Toyota GT86 will not have it easy, judging by the cars we see in the trailers. They include anything from the lightweight Lotus Exige and Alfa Romeo 4C, to Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488, Mercedes AMG GT, and even a Nissan GT-R NISMO, to name a few. We expect the orange GT86 to receive upgrades as the plot progresses, just like the old AE86, from Initial D. It’s only fair, given the stock GT86’s 197 -horsepower figure, which is not only less than the AE86’s final form but also three times less than some of the cars featured in the trailers.

'MF Ghost' Is The Latest Car-related Japanese Anime, And It Picks Up Where 'Initial D' Left
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MF Ghost will feature plenty of non-JDM cars too
Earlier in the series, we expect the GT86 to go up against cars like the Alfa 4C, Lotus Exige, and Porsche 718

What many people loved about Initial D is not just the cars, but the soundtrack. If you are among them, you will be glad to know that MF Ghost packs an extensive list of Eurobeat tracks. We might even hear some of the old Initial D music just to make it even more epic. At the end of the second trailer, we see what looks like Takumi Fujiwara, behind the wheel, awaiting a count-down. This means, we might see some professional circuit racing, which was Takumi’s end goal in Initial D.

The MF Ghost manga has been around since 2017 and on January 11, 2022, a digital version of the manga was published by Comixology. It is believed that just like Initial D, Keiichi Tsuchiya - the Drift King - is involved in the making of the series. Die-hard fans would know that Takumi Fujiwara was actually based on the real-life Japanese racing driver. As for the MF Ghost anime, it’s coming sometime in 2023. Are you excited about the new anime series?

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