• Miami Could Host a Formula 1 Race as Early as 2019

Things are heating up quickly

Plans for a “Miami Grand Prix” have been in the works for a while, with the hope to kick off the first race in 2019. Well, those plans have moved one step closer to becoming a reality as both the City of Miami and Miami Dade County’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee gave apparently given preliminary approval after unanimous votes in favor of the race came down from both entities.

Where Will the Formula 1 Race Take Place?

Before we dive too far into details, it’s important that we remind you that it’s not a 100-percent, for sure thing that the Miami Grand Prix will actually happen in 2019 or even sometime after. Right now, there’s just preliminary approval and things like exact time, and exact location still need to be ironed out. With that in mind, City councilor, Ken Russell, did give a preview of the proposed track on twitter last week. It showed a track running around the American Airlines Arena, past Freedom Tower, across the harbor, and then back to the downtown area. Apparently, Lewis Hamilton has stepped up to help refine the design as well.

We could be looking at one hell of a track in Miami should everything work out, and we could see it happen as early as 2019. The real question now is how F1 will integrate the race into its season should it receive full approval. There’s supposed to be another race coming to Austin, Texas, but it’s only been a rumor thus far as the location normally ends up being in New York. With 21 races already on the 2018 F1 calendar, it’s hard to say whether one, let alone two races will be integrated into the calendar. It’s been suggested that Austin and Texas could alternate year after year but the plan in place is to increase F1 exposure in the U.S. so having two or three races smudged into the calendar would make more sense on the front.

Either way, exciting things are happening as far as U.S. F1 racing is concerned so make sure to stick with us for updates!


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