It appears that we finally have some promising news about the condition of seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher. In a statement from his manager, Sabine Kehm, it was announced that Michael has awoken from his medically induced coma and he has moved from the French hospital where he has spent the last several months following a skiing accident.

There have been no further details released about his condition, or where he is being moved to, and it doesn’t look like we will be getting any more information unless there is a substantial change in Michael’s condition. Sabine’s statement concluded with, "For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye."

The family also wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone one of us, the fans, that have provided well wishes and thoughts of a successful recovery.

This news is promising, but Michael is not out of the woods yet. We wish this legendary Ferrari driver continued health and recovery.

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Why It Matters

Since sustaining his injuries, there has been precious little news about the condition of the former World Champion. News of his waking is the most substantial update we have received in months, and it points to a more favorable outcome for Michael.

There is still a lot that is unknown about his condition or his stage of recovery, but this could be a promising sign. The legendary racer may never fully recover to be 100-percent of his old self, but we at least know he is doing well enough to reach a cognitive state. That is one major battle won in this long war.

Michael Schumacher In Coma After Skiing Accident

Michael Schumacher Suffers Head Injuries in Skiing Accident
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Last December, seven-time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher was on a skiing holiday with family and friends when he suffered a fall. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet, as it is has been speculated the injury would have killed him on the spot had he not had protection. Despite the protective equipment, however, he suffered fairly substantial head trauma that caused internal hemorrhaging. Emergency surgery was performed to reduce the pressure on Schumacher’s brain and he was placed into a deep sedative coma.

Since the original injury and resulting surgery there has been very little news regarding the condition of the former Formula One star.

Source: ESPN F1

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