When you are used driving a Formula 1 car at very high speeds, an average car like a Fiat van should be no problem. But it seems F1 champion Michael Schumacher isn’t perfect.

In a "quite afternoon" Schumacher was passing an elderly woman driver in the van when he clipped pedestrian Martin Kingham. "The last thing you expect on a quiet afternoon is to be run over by Michael Schumacher - it was unbelievable," said Kingman. "He came from behind me to overtake two old ladies in a little Fiat. The first thing I knew I was flat on my face after the collision. When I realised who had hit me I thought I had concussion."

The accident smashed the driver’s side mirror of the van and possibly bruised Schumacher’s ego. Schumacher passed a breath test and was quizzed.


Source: Mirror

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