Now that it seems that drivers have mastered talking on the phone while driving (you can laugh here,) Microsoft is testing a new technology that will bring VoIP calls and internet to cars. Microsoft, in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts and the University of Washington, has developed a new technology called Vi-Fi (Vehicle Wi-Fi). The system aims to provide users with on-the-go internet access more cheaply than existing cellular broadband systems.

The biggest hurdle so far is that in Wi-Fi networks, as you travel overland, each signal station (base station) broadcasts a short distance. So you have to hop between stations. During these transitions, known as "hard handoffs", the signal strength typically drops. This makes hard to continuously get acceptable service, but Microsoft believes they have solved the problem.

This is not the first time in-car internet has been seen. Chrysler currently offers technology to make a car its own broadband base station by using cell phone signals.


Source: dailytech

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