Mid-engined Jaguar supercar on the way

2001 Jaguar R-coupe Concept
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When it comes to Jaguars that are in development, we weren’t sure if we would see the new XJ or the F-type first. As it turns out, the answer might be neither.

Mid-engined Jaguar supercar on the way
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Rumors are going around that Jaguar may be working on a flagship super coupe for 2010. This will be the first Jaguar has been talking about a big flagship two-door since the R-Coupe concept we saw back in 2001 (pictured at top). The new car is to be called the XE, and will likely borrow a modified version of the newly-enlarged 5.0-liter V8 that makes 510 hp in cars like the new XFR. We expect the design to be radically different from the R-Coupe because Jaguar’s styling is now well beyond traditional, and the coupe may be a two-seat mid-engined supercar more in the vein of the XJ220 (pictured top right).

Although Jaguar is seeing is global sales figures fall, just like most of the luxury carmakers, the company seems to be keen on keeping up with development. In a recent interview the Chairman of Jaguar’s parent company, Ratan Tata said, "Putting exciting projects on the back burner is the thing we should not do...we must ensure that we come out of this slump ahead of where we were – with exciting cars like the roadster (F-Type) that show where we want to go."

If Jaguar can keep this pace or new cars, eventhough it recently had to cut jobs, it will be an amazing feat. We’re cheering on Jaguar, just like all the automakers, because the world always needs fun cars.


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