Midnight Club Expansion Pack

The makers of Midnight Club L.A. have just released this video showing off their latest expansion pack for the game. For only 240 MS points or $2.99. You can cruise the streets of southern Cali in luxury cars like the 2008 Audi S5 and 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG, along with the sports inspired 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT.


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hellphire1000  (41) posted on 04.27.2009

YES, i final found it. i know how to get a Audi R8 but its a lot of work, but i already did the process before i join the club and now i own one and it is beast like!!

and if u have more question about the R8 go to this site

**http:// idnight-club-series/mi dnight-club-los-angele s-audi-r8/#comment-828 1**

just without "**" in it...lol

hellphire1000  (41) posted on 04.22.2009

yo, i heard that you had to join something to get the R8, and i was wondering what do i need to join and how to join it?

hellphire1000  (421) posted on 04.21.2009

It has been confirmed by several sources that each car has a polygon count of roughly 100,000. That means every single angle-detail was given attention. Now how to get the cars you want means outrunning others in the game. Easily said than done. Awwss

hellphire1000  (182) posted on 04.21.2009

Basically, you have to buy the game first. Then, try to outnumber millions of car enthusiasts all wishing to win Audi R8. Wow! That’s easy.

hellphire1000  (180) posted on 04.21.2009

I wish I can answer your question. However, I don’t have one. Like Hellphire, I am also interested to win an Audi R8. So I guess that leaves this post with two people hoping to know how to get that super car!

hellphire1000  (41) posted on 04.21.2009

I have a question for the people how have this great game... here it is
how do i get the Audi R8, to own, i have raced against it and beaten it in races but i WANT one, so can anybody help me??

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