Other automakers may be concerned about the effect of the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, but not BWM. That’s what the man in charge of selling BMW diesels in the United States has to say. David Buchko, diesel strategy launch manager. He says that diesel technology offers fuel economy benefits of 25% to 30% and equivalent reductions in CO2 emissions, and sees a large role for diesels in meeting the new requirements.
He also cited technologies currently in use or development, including “start-stop” engines, hybrid technologies, and lightweight materials. Some of these are already in use in the midget Bimmer, the 1 Series.
Hidden in his remarks was, in reality, a lot less optimism than he was spinning.
Asked about the impact of the new rules on high performance vehicles, Bucko was simply crass: "The volume of those vehicles is so small in the grand scheme, they may not have an impact really."
That must be a real comfort to those who consider the BMW the “ultimate driving machine.”
No word on when the ad slogan will change to the “ultimate skatekey.”

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