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Mini Concept Frankfurt

What’s Special About It?
Mini is offering a history lesson to those whose memory is limited to the modern-day Cooper. Harkening back to its heritage, Mini is memorializing the Mini Traveller, a station wagon which made its original debut in 1960, with the Mini Concept Frankfurt.

Dr. Michael Ganal, a member of the board of management for BMW AG pulled the wraps off of the Mini concept saying, "The basic idea comes from history, but the implementation is brand-new."

Indeed, the Mini Concept Frankfurt looks stylishly modern coated in silver metallic paint with black neoprene stretched along the rocker panels and circling the wheelwells. But the concept still offers many of the Traveller’s classic features, including rear doors that swing open barn-style, allowing easy access to the cargo bay. The rear pillars remain fixed while the short doors swing open beneath them.

Without B-pillars the Mini Concept Frankfurt looks more like a coupe than a wagon, and the power side rear windows open with the front section sliding behind the rear section, offering a spacious feel.

Embedded in the bay is a cargo box with a transparent cover that rises to create a partition between the passenger and cargo areas, and a rear section of the roof opens to provide easier loading. Rear seatbacks fold down individually to create a flat load floor.

In the passenger area, white leather seats seem to hover without the traditional heavy floor-mounting, and a center-mounted speedometer floats in the center of the dash. Silver trim bits support the luminous feel.

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