If you have a limited budget and still want to tune your Mini Cooper, Eibach demonstrates that with few modifications, you can get maximum driving pleasure with less money. In order to make the car more stable, Eibach installed its Pro-Kit Performance Springs, which lowered the car with up to 30 millimeters and added 17” Borbet LS-type alloy wheels. The interior also received some attention with new cockpit-carbon fiber features made by the specialist Spangenberg.

With the MINI One, suspension specialist Eibach shows how up-to-date driving pleasure has to look: namely, anyone who thinks that HP alone make a car sporty only needs to watch old US action films, where 300 HP muscle cars clumsily slid round the bends. The MINI was put together back in the Sixties according to a quite different recipe. It had virtually nothing under the bonnet, but the MINI Cooper flattened the assembled HP-elite at the Monte Carlo Rally - and not just once.

Its secret: manoeuvrable proportions, low weight, and a well-designed suspension. A combination that appears more contemporary than ever in these times of high fuel and car prices and growing environmental consciousness.

Mini Cooper by Eibach
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eibach mini cooper

Using the latest MINI as an example, Eibach demonstrates with only a few modifications how it is possible to get maximum driving pleasure despite a limited budget. You don’t even need the Cooper; a MINI One is sufficient - and that is even without turning the "power screw" and consequently driving consumption upwards. Once you have driven the little Brit with the Pro-Kit Performance Springs, you will quickly forget that only 95 HP are connected to the accelerator. The vehicle’s centre of gravity is moved 30 millimetres lower so that there seems no difference with regard to possible speeds whether you happen to be on a straight road or in a turn. Especially since the 17" Toyos always give the right amount of road holding and grip. The nippy soles also contain attractive, 7x17" Borbet LS-type alloy rims, which are a feast for the eyes with their 15 filigree spokes and black polished beds. But be careful: this combination hides new danger of addiction! Namely: who wouldn’t want to ride a "Kart" along the public roads?!

Mini Cooper by Eibach
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mini cooper by eibach

All in all, a consistent overall concept with regard to look and handling that also stays at the petrol pump without remorse: a standard feature of the MINI One is that it only needs an average of 5.3 litres of premium gas over 100 kilometres. This not only takes the pressure off the household budget, but also off the environment. After all, the CO2-emission is directly dependent on the amount of petrol used. The tuning measures do not have an effect on consumption. Wide tyres may have a somewhat higher roll resistance, but this is balanced out by the lowering, which slightly improves the CW-value. Incidentally, the MINI also offers a great deal of potential for a gradual additional "dynamic" upgrading of the interior. The Eibach version, for example, is equipped with individual, extensive Cockpit-Carbon features by specialist Spangenberg and the driver is full of excited anticipation even before he gets into it. An extra bonus to which you and/or your wife should treat yourself as the icing on the cake!

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