Topcar is a famous Russian tuner and Denis Simachev is a Russian artist. So, you might ask, who cares? Why would it matter to us that these Russians are together? The answer is in a Mini Bully - built in two different versions (Bully and Bully Moscow), each limited to only 25 units. That’s right; the tuner meets artist pairup has succeeded again in bringing us an artistic inspiration rolled into a Mini.

First, we’ll discuss the tolls used to upgrade this vehicle before delvinh into the artistic edge Simachev provides. The aerodynamic package includes: a new aggressive design of the front apron with the implemented daytime running lights, sport aluminum grid, a new diffuser, new side skirts add dashing and specially designed forged wheels R18.

According to the press release, "Each car will get its own distinctive character in order to provide the wide range of choice for different cities, personalities and ways of living." The possibility of exquisite design is further illustrated by Simachev’s rendition of the Mini Cooper Bully and the Bully Moscow shown in the photos provided. Both vehicles were created to aesthetically please the consumer regardless of gender in an attempt to rid the Mini of the "all-girl car" stigma attached to the Mini brand.

The Mini Cooper Bully will debut at Top Marques Monaco on April 15, 2010 and the Bully Moscow will be delayed until April 17, 2010.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Nowadays, with the advent of globalization, any ways to stand out from the crowd appears to be in great demand. DENIS SIMACH?V & TOPCAR is the perfect example how to implement the dream to be a distinctive individuality.

You can be assured of their professional skills, which DENIS SIMACH?V has in the fashion world and TOPCAR obtains on the tuning planet. The partnership is to create a limited edition of redesigned MINI cars. Fashion & Tuning: Inspiration at the fingertips brings tremendous opportunities and benefits.

In the first instance they have got around the problem of how to break the stereotype that MINI is mostly a girl car and convert it into a fierce ‘boyish’ car. TOPCAR has created a new aerodynamic body kit package for the car trying to implement the idea of an adventurous ‘blusterer’ into practice. This is the main reason to call the new body kit ‘Bully’

MINI Cooper by Simachev and Topcar Interior
- image 357644

The elaborated car form obtains a new aggressive design of the front apron with the implemented daytime running lights. The original radiator grille is substituted with the sport aluminum grid. The rear apron comes with a new diffuser. New side skirts add dashing and impetuous features to the profile of the car, while the extended wheel arches give the impression of wide basis.

This aerodynamic body kit package for MINI Cooper S R56 can also be adjusted to other MINI Cooper R56 model range by using MINI Cooper S bonnet and exhausting system instead the original ones.
The specially designed forged wheels R18 give the finishing touch to the fresh exterior.

Like the elaborated exterior, the car interior can also be customized. Selected cars from the MINI Cooper series by SIMACH?V will gain the interior according to the designer’s original drawings.

The technical improvement includes a new exhaust system, a new Brembo brake system and software engine setup.

DENIS SIMACH?V created series of aerographic artworks for the every MINI Cooper Bully sample. Each car will get its own distinctive character in order to provide the wide range of choice for different cities, personalities and ways of living. The masterly accomplished artworks containing the power of charisma of the specified subject are created by DENIS SIMACH?V’s art team. The driver immediately gets involved in the originated legend and even a passer-by can feel the thrilling spirit of the car created by the designer. Each of these unique cars gets the appropriate title which is in order to reveal the temper of the car. The delicate real hand painting ornament created by the skillful airbrush artists is the next important feature that specifies the identity of DENIS SIMACH?V design.

MINI Cooper by Simachev and Topcar Interior
- image 357644

The first two models #1 and #2 have been successfully produced by the time.
The number of renovated cars is limited; only 25 unique cars will be built.

#1. MINI Cooper Bully by SIMACH

According to DENIS SIMACH, this car is created for a real ‘bully’ that is fond of easy money. He likes socializing and is desperate to attend fashionable gatherings and parties. A real ‘party animal’, he is just fooling around and looking for an adventure.

The pattern itself and the white pearl color of the car being enriched by the sun rays with the glossy shine perfectly enhance this main idea. Almost all chrome and matte car exterior parts are painted glossy black. The design is supported by the car forged rims R18. The rim center coated glossy black with the external bed covered with the white pearl color.

The artfully refurbished interior of this car: doors panels, entrance borders, steering wheel details, the transmission selector lever and the brake lever - are performed at carbon fiber.

The World Premiere of this car will be expecting at the ‘Top Marques Monaco’ event on 15 April, 2010.

#2. MINI Cooper Bully MOSCOW by SIMACH

MINI Cooper by Simachev and Topcar Exterior
- image 357645

The car, decorated with the traditional Russian painting Khokhloma by DENIS SIMACH?V, is a perfect copy of the SimaPhone MOSCOW, the co-project of iPhone Apple and DENIS SIMACH?V. Changing the color of the car ornament in blue-black variant the designer supplies the car with the calm appearance on the one hand and remains the mischievous tricky character on the other.
This MINI Cooper Bully MOSCOW is like a chameleon, it changes colours when the light hits the surface.

The interior of this car looks gorgeous due to the extended Khokhloma ornament paintings that duplicate the exterior samples.

The car premiere will be at the ‘SHOP&BAR DENIS SIMACH?V’ anniversary on April 17, 2010.

All of these 25 cars will gain the number plate. Mini Cooper Bully by SIMACH?V is a masterwork that will certainly enrich exclusive car collections.

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  (417) posted on 04.19.2010

stunningly beautiful and impressive design! Pretty neat! But it can captivates the imagination and soul of anyone who sees it.

  (367) posted on 04.18.2010

@memphisroyce: yeah! The paint job is really awesome, also don’t forget the way they custom made the inside of the car, it’s really a two thumbs up car for me.

  (367) posted on 04.18.2010

Top car really did a great in customizing this car inside and out.

  (647) posted on 04.18.2010

Despite the fact that the car has an automatic transmission, the car itself looks quite cool!

  (939) posted on 04.15.2010

By far the prettiest "minnie" ive ever seen. I’m very surprised.

  (798) posted on 04.14.2010

They really put their time and effort to the minis I bet it will paid off if they join.

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

Impressive! Pretty neat and cool custom paints. I recommend that it should be included in the next Discovery Turbo Challenge.

  (428) posted on 04.13.2010

Yeah, I am amazed with the custom paint job they’ve done.

  (765) posted on 04.13.2010

What a lovely car! I’m very amaze on what they did on the paint job and the interior is WOW.

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