Spectators were stunned as a MINI Cooper S lost control all of a sudden on the 6th turn of the final lap of the 2010 Ipswich 300 event at the Queensland Raceway. The driver, Kain Magro, couldn’t pinpoint what caused him to lose control, but the car ended up rolling towards and ultimately barreling over the protective barrier that stood between the track and the fans. Thankfully, only two spectators were taken to the hospital and they were released with no serious injuries.

This was 23-year-old Magro’s first time competing at the Ipswich event and was doing so alongside his brother, John Magro who stated that both men will be returning to the racetrack soon. Miraculously, Kain Magro was able to walk away from the Mini completely unharmed even though the video shown above will demonstrate a dramatic crash that shows the car rolling and flipping as if it were a piece of paper getting blown away by a breeze.
The fact that no one was seriously injured during this catastrophe is an absolute miracle in itself.


Source: 7 News via YouTube

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  (515) posted on 05.6.2010

With that crash a normal car will turn into a dead stick... Good thing that the roll cage and bars did their job properly.

  (364) posted on 05.5.2010

Maybe he lost his concentration due to the car behind him, but good thing that there is no sever accident happened.

  (406) posted on 05.4.2010

Good to know that he still alive, and unfortunately that was really close to death, good thing mini cooper has a strong covered of steel that’s why he survive and unharmed.

  (648) posted on 05.4.2010

Thank God it didn’t hit the viewers that’s a big relief for the team and the driver.

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