• Mini creates rooftop event space in Manhattan

Mini’s newest marketing experiment is set to open from Sept. 4 till Sept. 13 atop a building in Clinton. During the day the space will act as a 4,500-square-foot landscaped park. An 8-foot grassy hill implanted with plastic dishes that serve as seats, and will hold activities like symposiums on green living and Pilates classes. At night, 320 flashing L.E.D.’s and a pulsating 28-foot lighting tower will turn the rooftop into a site for invitation-only parties and other events. Lounge areas, a sun deck, art and photo studios, and free wifi access will be available to all Rooftop guests.

The innovative design was created by NYC architecture firm HWKN. This is Mini’s latest attempt to solve the marketing problem of reaching customers who, by and large, “do not like to go to the dealer,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, the company’s head of brand communication. “We have to reach them in different ways.”

Fifteen Clubmans will provide a shuttle service for V.I.P. guests. Each will be donned with a different roof graphic designed by winners of an online contest.

Check out Mini’s official Rooftop Website for more information or take a trip to 465 10th Avenue and see it for yourself.

Source: New York Times

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