• Mini Gets Scissor Doors As Optional Equipment

Now your Mini can park in an even smaller parking spot than before

There is nothing worse than finding the one parking spot available in a parking garage, just to find that once you squeeze into it, you can’t open the doors enough to get out. Mini has decided to combat that scenario straight on and offer scissor doors as an option on Mini models going forward.

According to the brand’s press release, scissor doors will initially be available as an option on the Mini 3 door, Mini Paceman, and Mini Convertible. Come the 2017 model year, the option will be extended to the Mini 5 door, six-door Clubman, and the Mini Countryman. The doors will be electrohydraulically controlled, and will reduce the space needed for parking and easy entry/exit by nearly 30 percent. The Mini 3 door, for instance, will now require a parking spot width of just 1,930 mm when equipped with scissor doors, as opposed to the 2,681 mm that is required with regular hinged doors.

The feature comes standard with the ability to open and close the doors with a remote control, but for an addition premium, the scissor doors can be equipped with “Comfort Access,” which will allow the door to be opened by a button on the door handle. According to Dalf Rietmann, the Head of Special Equipment Management with Mini, the plan is to eventually allow the opening and closing of the scissor doors via a smartphone app.

In the safety side of things, the doors are also equipped with something call Pyrotechnic Emergency Exit (PEE,) which uses powerful propellants to blast the doors off of the vehicle in the event of an emergency, allowing first responders to have easy and fast access to passengers. The new scissor doors will be available at a premium of €1,959, which is $2,230 at current exchange rates.

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Why it matters

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I’m not sure that too many Mini customers have issues with tight parking spaces, at least here in the U.S., but I can see this being a pretty big deal on the other side of the world. There is an abundance of aftermarket companies that supply and install scissor door kits for various mini models. In most cases, it’s nothing more than installing a special set of hinges in place of the standard hinge. A quick internet search will bring up more than a few results, with pricing ranging anywhere between $700 and $2,000 depending on the supplier and quality of the hinges.

Obviously, a decent kit will run you about the same price as the option from the dealer, but with the dealer you get a little more for your money – that PEE system. Scissor doors make it difficult for emergency responders to access passengers in the event of an accident, so going with the manufacturer option over the aftermarket options available could save your life in the long run. Just something to think about if you’re considering putting scissor doors on your Mini.

Mini Cooper

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With the new equipment option “Scissor Doors”, the British brand is now making it easier for customers to squeeze their MINI into even the tightest of parking spaces.

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Initially only available for MINI 3 door, MINI Paceman and the new MINI Convertible, this option will also be available for MINI 5 door, the 6-door MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman as of model year 2017 at a price of EUR 1,959.-.

The “Scissor Doors” are based on a particularly refined body concept comprising two wing doors that both open vertically. Thereby providing the perfect solution to increasing parking space problems - especially in multi-storey car parks.

By applying the “clever use of space” development principle and using electrohydraulically activated wing doors, it was possible to reduce the required parking space width - including the space required for entry and exit on the driver and front passenger side - by almost 30 per cent from 2,681 to just 1,930 millimetres. With a vehicle width of 1,727 millimetres, the MINI 3 door fits into virtually any parking space, however tight, and allows convenient entry and exit for drivers and passengers.

From an engineering point of view, the wing door concept has been fitted with numerous comfort features as standard and also has selective technical preparations for the installation of new technologies in the future. According to Dalf Rietmann, Head of Special Equipment Management with MINI, “the doors can be opened and closed as standard via remote control. In conjunction with Comfort Access, which is subject to an additional charge, the MINI can be opened and closed by means of a button on the door handle without having to use the remote control. It is sufficient for the ignition key to be in the user’s trouser pocket, for example. In the future the idea is to enable opening and closing of the car via smartphone using the MINI Excitement App.”

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“In order to achieve maximum safety, the wing doors not only feature highly rigid side impact protection elements,” says Malph Rahler, Head of MINI Production Innovations, “but also a pyrotechnical emergency opening system known as ‘Pyrotechnic Emergency Exit’, or PEE for short.” Powerful propellants ensure that the doors are reliably blasted off within milliseconds in the event of an emergency, giving rescue workers fast access to passengers.

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