MINI has never been one to turn a marketing opportunity into something tangible, and their latest creation, the ‘Wash Me’ book, fits all of it to a tee. Inspired by the seemingly mundane everyday scenario of cars with ‘Wash Me’ scribbled along fogged and/or dirty windows, the book features a collection of works from ten artists that took their own rendition of depicting a wide range of MINI cars with ‘Wash Me’ creatively scribbled in and around them.

Mini launches 'Wash Me' book
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Among the artist that were invited to participate in the project include Smash137, Fabian Bertschinger, Marisa Pichler and Gigi Burn, Tika, Euro, Aurèle Sack, Stefan Ege and Seak, August, Rémi Jaccard and, last but not least Dieter Meier, also famous as the singer in the band Yello.

The ‘Wash Me’ book is the latest in a long line of unconventional projects undertaken by MINI and it seems that this year – more than any other in recent time since the brand is celebrating its 50th year – MINI has been involved in some pretty zany projects with this one being their latest offering.

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