Mini is famous for its Cooper vehicles - a four-door, four-wheel-drive, family-sized vehicle. So, cars like the new Countryman somehow don’t fit into the general picture. Now Mini seems to be going a step further into the realm of not-so-Mini type cars and coming out with a seven-seater SUV sometime in the future.

This new seven seater will be called the Countryman Plus and, according to Dr Wolfgang Armbrecht, global head of MINI brand management, it will be the most practical Mini ever and could be made even bigger: "We could take the wheelbase from 2.60m to around 2.70m."

The Countryman Plus is set to attract buyers would not typically be satisfied with the smaller vehicles that Mini has had to offer. Buyers currently looking at vehicles such as the Nissan Rogue, Volkswagen Touran, and Honda CR-V will be among the targets for the new Countryman Plus. This larger model may seem a little iffy for some consumers who already own one of Mini’s small cars. Mini drivers are very faithful and seeing a larger vehicle in the Mini lineup may not sit too well with some. Of course, customer reaction is anyone’s guess at this point, but this should definitely be a good thing for Mini to increase their profits.

We also have to remind you that the legendary Moke is also set for a comeback. Who said Mini is all about small cars?


Source: Auto Express

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  (592) posted on 12.20.2010

in that case Mini will re design it’s wheel base to accommodate 7 persons.

  (359) posted on 06.11.2010

Its seems that Mini is taking its Big step towards its new model; making it more attractive and enjoyable to drive and to manoeuvre in parking lots.

  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

That’s for sure but with that kind of number of passenger it’s space should be re design.

  (702) posted on 06.9.2010

Pretty awesome! Well, am sure this will come with a wide-mouthed hatchback, more interior room than previous models, and optional four-wheel drive.

  (42) posted on 06.9.2010

i do agree but it still looks liks a mini that got on to stariods and bulked up although it would be kool to see one in real just to see it actully what mini calls a SUV

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

Impressive suv! But isn’t that it’s too short to be a seven seater.

  (42) posted on 06.8.2010

what we have here is car that need to stay on the drawing pad. it looks like a Mini on stariods and bulked up. im sorry but this got red neck spelled all over it.

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