In a year filled with celebrations, new car releases, and out-of-this-world commercials, Mini has decided to get a leg-up for 2010 by releasing a calendar.

MINI releases 2010 'Minimalism Calendar'
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Calling it the Minimalism Calendar, Mini held a contest a few months ago for artists to submit their best minimalist artworks with the clause that submissions would need to have a silhouette of the car in the artwork. Out of the thousands that sent in their works, the lucky 12 that were chosen by a team of judges led by Gert Hilderbrand, the car brand’s head designer, had their masterpieces included in the Minimalist Calendar.

So if you’re a Mini enthusiast who just can’t seem to get enough of these lovable cars, the 2010 Minimalist Calendar can keep you company for a full year all for a fairly reasonable price tag of €21 – that’s around $30 in the US.


Source: Mini

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