You can’t say that MINI is sitting on its laurels, can you?

While other car manufacturers may have reason to take it slow and steady after celebrating its golden anniversary, the folks of MINI have been doing quite the contrary. The company is taking preparations for the Frankfurt Motor Show to a new level with their latest video – it seems that the company has been coming out with a ton of videos these days – to drum up even more publicity than it has already gotten leading up to the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The video, which is being billeted as part one of a series of videos called the Two Untamed series, is MINI’s latest marketing ploy to promote the two vehicles that the company is set to unveil at Frankfurt: the MINI Roadster and the Coupe Concept.

According to a spokesperson from MINI, we should all expect two more of these teaser videos before the ‘premiere video’ makes it world-wide debut on the first press day at Frankfurt on September 15. In the meantime, you can expect a couple more videos of MINI’s Two Untamed series to hit the web in the coming days. If that doesn’t get you more geeked up for the Frankfurt Motor Show, we don’t know what will.


Source: YouTube

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