The four-door could be as big as the BMW 3 Series

Rumors of Mini planning to launch a four-door sedan have been flying around for quite some time now. An,d even though the British company has yet to officially confirm that a compact sedan is underway, it’s the next logical step in order for Mini to achieve a five-model lineup, especially with its two-door models being discontinued one by one. We’ve already speculated about what it may have to offer and even created a rendering using the brand’s current design language, but a recent interview with Mini product chief Ralph Mahler suggests that the four-door could be bigger than we imagined.

Speaking to CarBuzz, Mahler confirmed that Mini plans to remain a compact car company, but said that the upcoming fifth model could be larger than the Clubman. At 168.3 inches, the Clubman is Mini’s longest vehicle as of 2016. "Personally, the compact segment is where our heart should belong to and where our history is. That’s something we should always keep in mind. I’m not saying it’s not possible to go a bit bigger, though,” Mahler said.

There’s no indication as to how big the sedan will be, but a vehicle larger than the Clubman would be about the size of a BMW 2 Series, which is 174.5 inches long. Mini could also develop something similar to the 3 Series, which measures 182 inches as is also sold as a compact, but such a car might just be too big for Mini’s current strategy. On the other hand, with the Cooper and Clubman having grown larger and larger with each generation, everything is possible really.

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Why it Matters?

Although Mahler didn’t specifically confirm Mini will indeed built a sedan, the statement adds more credence to rumors supporting a four-door wearing the iconic British badge. A new crossover alongside the Countryman is definitely out of the question given that Mini plans to keep its vehicles compact, which leaves the sedan as the most likely option.

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Source: Car Buzz

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