Everybody knows the lengths MINI will go to just so they can spread their awesomeness to the rest of us. While some are beyond kooky and flabbergasting, others actually look like a whole lot of fun. This "MINI Takes The States" rally certainly qualifies for the latter. Beginning this August, MINI will invite thousands of its MINI-driving fans to celebrate their iconic rides by joining a MINI-caravan across the country. Destination: Denver, Colorado.

The rally kicks off from five different locations across the country on the way to Denver: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, ad San Francisco. The rally is scheduled to pass through 19 states, encompassing over 8,000 miles and is scheduled to attract over 10,000 drivers. As soon as it finds its way to its destination, the event will culminate with a weekend-long festival that includes a plethora of activities in and around Denver, which, will be done to help raise funds for a number of charities, not the least of which includes the American Red Cross and the Leukemia Society.

So, if you’re a MINI owner and you want to be part of this special event, all you need to do is register starting May 18, 2010. While MINI has established quite a reputation for itself for its unpredictability, it’s also worth noting that these guys’ hearts are always in the right place.


Source: MINI

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  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

Good thing they still think of the charity. Well, I hope this event would succeed.

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