The Volvo Car Corporation has built a mini-Volvo that takes care of very special transport requirements during the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg. The car, which is a 1:5 scale model of a Volvo XC90, was developed to be able to, quickly and smoothly, transport javelins, hammers or discuses from the place where they land, back to the thrower again.

Volvo Cars has hand-built four unique small bodies, mounted on electrically driven chassis developed by the Nordic Sport company. The radio-controlled mini-Volvo with a two horsepower electric motor is capable of transporting either four discuses, three javelins or two hammers. Two hammers alone, together weigh 14 kilos! The little car has been greatly appreciated when, fully loaded and at a speed of 20 kilometres an hour, it scampers over the grass at the Ullevi athletics stadium in Gothenburg. However, Volvo Cars does not have any plans afoot to mass produce the mini XC90 model.

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