Usually when you see a mirror-finish car you expect to be owned by an Arabian guy. But this Audi R8 seems to be an exception although it is most likely destined for some oil rich Saudi Arabian sheik, the car has been spotted in Europe. The chrome finish is quite a symbolic finish for the Audi super car. It was not the Lemans Quattro concept car from 2003 that the R8 is based on, but the blingy Avus concept car that got the ball rolling back in 1991.

Mirror-Finish Audi R8
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According to the Audi Internet Forum, Fourtitude, Audi Exclusive takes care of special requests like this reflective paint job. However due to the limited supply of shops that can apply this kind of finish it is believed that it was built due to a customer’s demand by a specialized tuning house located in the area.

There is no mention of whether this is a V10 powered vehicle or not, but regardless the owner’s choice to black out the emblems and carbon fiber side blade that is a signature of the Audi super car. However being such big fans of the wavy black stuff we would have just sanded down the clear coat to compliment the dull accents. Either way this is one impressive custom R8.


Source: Fourtitude

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  (3) posted on 07.13.2009

Why would you ruin the look of such a beautiful like this R8 with that paint?

Uncia  (868) posted on 07.13.2009

Shouldn’t this be illegal? It seems like it would blind other drivers and cause a lot of accidents on sunny days.

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