The Volkswagen Group has its own automotive theme park called the Autostadt at the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Until recently, each brand that VW owns had its own separate building to showcase its products, except one: Bugatti. Although the company’s absence was understandable (Veyrons start at about $1.5 million,) it always felt like something was missing. Well now VW has brought all brands home by making some room in Bentley’s pavilion and renaming the place the "Premium Club House".

Now on display is a mirror finish Veyron created artist Olaf Nicolai. Not bad considering Bugatti says it will only make 300 Veyron coupes total. So next time you’re in Wolfsburg, stop by the Autostadt, because NOW all the brands are there.

P.S. The real VW car museum is down the street.


Source: Auto News

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