When it comes to Mercedes AMG models, most of us won’t find anything we would like to change, but there are guys out there who think even the most aggressive-looking models can still be customized.

Like the folks over Misha Designs, who have developed an aesthetic kit for the CLS 63 AMG. Los Angeles-based tuner, Misha Design has teamed up with Couture Customs of Scottsdale, Arizona, and they have developed a body kit any American can enjoy.

The body kit includes upgraded front and rear bumpers, fenders, hood, side skirts, and trunk. On top of all of that, Misha also developed roof spoilers to give it a real sporty look. The guys over Couture Customs will be responsible for the custom installation and painting.

Along with the exterior upgrades, the kit also includes stylish upgrades to the interior with custom stitching and accents, and a set of 20-inch wheels painted white to match the exterior body color.

We’re usually not one to fall in love with body kits, but this one definitely gets our seal of approval.


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  (1) posted on 02.10.2013

Dear Simona,

Very unprofessional

First do some research if you have no clue about something.

Misha Designs is a tuner from Los Angeles California and not from Russia, just like HRE wheels are not from Switzerland just because they have a Swiss red cross as a logo ... just because something sounds German or Italian or Russian does not mean it actually is ... and if you don’t know, well there is always that wild western search engine Yahoo or even Google

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