After seeing images of the 2009 Galant sedan and Endeavor crossover U.S. retailers were not impressed. And how Mitsubishi knows that the U.S. is the biggest market, the company decided to do their best to strength their position in there.

To do this, Mitsubishi wants to go into a new direction. And this new direction was hinted by the concepts unveiled at the Tokyo show.

The Concept ZT is supposed to be a preview of the redesigned Galant. The large sedan sits on a 110.8-inch wheelbase and is powered by Mitsubishi’s upcoming 2.2-liter clean diesel engine, which makes about 188 hp.

Also, as previously reported the Concept cX is going into production. It is a baby brother to the small Outlander crossover. The cX is based on a 99.4-inch wheelbase and is powered by Mitsubishi’s upcoming 1.8-liter clean diesel making about 134 hp.

By 2010 Mitsubishi will bring the clean diesel to the United States.

"We will not weaken our position in the United States," Osamu Masuko said. "We have to provide our dealers with hope."

Source: Automotive News

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  (60) posted on 11.8.2007

Doubt the real images leaked yet

  (68) posted on 11.7.2007

I was trying to Google images of the 2009 Galant and Endeavor. All I found was a mildly restyled version of the current Galant, which is actually the model sold in China. The above design is not bad, just like the new Lancer and Outlander. I just hope, like Mazda did with the 626, is to stop chasing the Camry and make the car more stylish and fun to drive. I once had a ’02 Galant as a rental. Although it was small with a cheap interior, it had a ride/handling balance. The current design is so Camry.

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