Mitsubishi Eclipse May See Reincarnation

2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE High Resolution Exterior
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With a definitive 22-year run and a recent termination of production, any news on the Mitsubishi Eclipse should be far and few between, or should it? At a recent media preview of the i electric car, Greg Adams, Mitsubishi Motors North America’s Vice President-Marketing and Product Planning was quoted saying that the Eclipse "always comes back around sooner or later."

Just when we were closing the book on the Japanese automaker’s mid-size sports car, all of a sudden there’s another chapter. According to Mitsubishi, the Eclipse was "the most-successful U.S.-market sports car from a Japanese auto maker in the past 20 years." It sold 982,024 units in the U.S. since the car’s 1989 launch and saw a 105.4% increase in sales through August 2011 compared to 2010. So why was it axed? As with any other automaker, Mitsubishi’s focus has switched to fuel efficiency, leading them to market their new i-MiEV extensively, so the extra work in trying to get the Eclipse to the next level was probably not worth it at the time. The Galant sedan will also be seeing its dreadful end by 2013, as will the Endeavor SUV. These deletions will leave Mitsubishi with three models in their lineup, and some room to grow when they’re ready.

Adams said that a future midsize sedan from Mitsubishi wasn’t off the table as long as the numbers worked out, so the Galant may still have its fair chance to come back. Our vote, though, is for the Eclipse.


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  (328) posted on 01.20.2012

I would agree with Lala, If Mitsubishi is serious about the reincarnation of the
Eclipse, they surely need to make a lot of changes. People will surely expect a lot about this reincarnation. I will love to hear more details about it.

  (692) posted on 10.12.2011

Well, If it has been a success for them than I believe and agree that it would come back sooner or later.. and definitely it would be on its modified r upgraded version..

  (559) posted on 10.4.2011

Yeah! I have to agree that if they are really serious about the reincarnation of this Mitsubishi they should make lots of changes on this for it could be matched to the other classy and expensive cars.

kevin010  (41) posted on 10.3.2011

its good the eclipse wont be axed... but only 3 models in US? where i live we have the lancer(and evo by special order), outlander, outlander sport(ASX), montero(new generation model), montero sport(nativa)(also new generation) triton(L200)... and they are good looking and nice quality and people here like them. MMNA should consider marketing those models(montero, montero sport and triton) in the US. P.S. the galant has to get an extreme makeover and make it a good looking and powerful car

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