Don’t judge the Engelberg Tourer by its name

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For some weird reason, Mitsubishi decided to name its latest plug-in crossover after a ski resort in Switzerland. Mooching off the Swiss, eh? I would have preferred naming it Roger, or Federer. Anyway, Mitsubishi unveiled the Engelberg Tourer at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept that was revealed in 2016. Could it be the next Outlander?

An Attention-Greedy Smart Crossover

The Engelberg Tourer looks sporty and boasts a boxy shape overall. There is an enormous grille on the front fascia with the Mitsubishi logo on it. The vertically stacked headlights seem to be just a concept set and the production lights could bear a slightly different design. Mitsubishi has not gone easy on the chrome elements. You can find them on the bumper, the front doors, the box on the top, window sills, etc. The profile features a lot of cuts and creases.

The A and B-pillars are blackened out to give a slightly contrasting effect.

The slim taillights at the rear complement the plain, flat boot quite well. To see the action at the back, Mitsubishi has offered cameras instead of the conventional wing mirrors. Another interesting feature is the box on the roof that has auto open and close. It also has integrated lights in the front and reflective chrome strips in the side.

The Cabin Looks Stunning

Mitsubishi Introduces Us To A Funny-Named Yet Smart Crossover At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show
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The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer’s cabin makes a strong impression. It looks quite futuristic yet practical. The waterfall center console houses a touchscreen infotainment system with physical knobs at the top, followed by the HVAC controls, a rotary dial that could be for the drive mode selector, and a stout gear lever.

The onboard navigation system displays factors like weather, temperature, topography, and traffic and road conditions to choose the ideal drive mode.

The blue ambient lighting on the center console, doorpads, and footwell looks sweet. Mitsubishi has offered the Engelberg Tourer with captain chairs in the second row. The seats have extra bolstering on the sides and there is no dearth of space anywhere in the cabin. The company says that the crossover will have three rows of seats and offer plenty of cargo space. If Mitsubishi can replicate a similar cabin in the production version, the Engelberg Tourer could make life a living hell for the rivals.

The Undisclosed Battery Pack Will Decide The Fate Of This Crossover

Mitsubishi Introduces Us To A Funny-Named Yet Smart Crossover At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show
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Although the Japanese automaker has not revealed all the details yet, we know that the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer will be powered by a specifically-designed 2.4-liter gasoline engine and two electric motors.

The setup is largely similar to the one present in the Outlander PHEV. The company will implement the Active Yaw Control to split torque between the front and rear wheels, and the Super All Wheel Control that will fine-tune the overall handling and stability by controlling the brake force on each wheel. The Engelberg Tourer will have an all-electric range of 43 miles, and a combined gasoline-battery range of 435 miles. Even in the electric-only mode, the crossover can touch speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

Now, That’s An Interesting Concept

Mitsubishi Introduces Us To A Funny-Named Yet Smart Crossover At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show
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Along with the Engelberg Tourer, Mitsubishi also unveiled its Dendo Drive House System. It is a vehicle-to-home system that allows the electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles to generate, store, and share energy with a home.

The system comprises of solar panels, a home battery, a bidirectional charger, and the EV or PHEV itself.

Mitsubishi will be offering this service to Outlander PHEV customers in Japan and Europe later this year. This includes the sale, installation, and maintenance of the system.

Our Take

Although it looks like Mitsubishi does not pose a threat to its rivals in the U.S., that is not the case in reality. The company does not attend a lot of shows or market its cars as much as other automakers, but it has quietly moved more cars than Volvo, Land Rover, and Lincoln in 2018. If the company decides to get this model to the States, things could look even better for the Japanese giant. As of now, there is no word on the pricing or the release date. What are your thoughts on the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer PHEV? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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Mitsubishi Introduces Us To A Funny-Named Yet Smart Crossover At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show
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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is giving the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer new-generation crossover SUV its global premiere at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. Embodying the "Drive your Ambition" corporate global tagline, the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer uses MMC’s advanced electrification and all-wheel control technologies to raise SUV appeal to a new level.

MMC will also be giving demonstrations of the Dendo Drive House (DDH), a new energy ecosystem allowing owners to generate, store and transfer energy automatically between their cars and the home, enhancing the value of electric vehicles. DDH will be available to customers when they buy an EV/PHEV at a Mitsubishi Motors dealership and is a Vehicle to Home (V2H) based system that MMC plans to start offering in Japan and Europe from 2019.


Named after the famous ski resort in central region of Switzerland, best known for its panoramic views, well-groomed runs and challenging off-piste skiing and snowboarding, the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer is a Twin Motor, 4WD, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) which delivers high levels of performance in the most challenging weather conditions and on all road surfaces. It combines this with the long cruising range inherent to the PHEV, allowing journeys out of town and to places with no charging infrastructure. Packaged to combine passenger capacity with flexible luggage space, the Engelberg Tourer encourages family and friends to go further together, taking a step beyond anything they have experienced before.

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer has been designed as an elegant and functional all-purpose crossover SUV, with bodywork styled to effuse powerfulness and Mitsubishi’s renowned reliability. Enhancing its qualities as an SUV for a more active type of lifestyle, the Engelberg Tourer is fitted with LED fog lamps that are located on an auto-open/close roof box and skid plates for front and rear bumpers. The interior offers generous cabin space for passengers seated in all three rows, with an emphasis on comfort, quality, functionality and attention to detail.

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer uses MMC’s Twin Motor full-time, four-wheel drive system with high-output, high-efficiency motors driving the front and rear axles. Employing knowhow garnered with the Lancer Evolution series, the system uses Active Yaw Control (AYC) to tailor torque split between the front wheels, enhanced by the feeling of acceleration inherent to electric motor drive which delivers maximum torque in an instant. Torque split control between the front wheels improves driving performance to deliver a level of nimble and satisfying handling not expected in this size of car. It also increases stability by reducing wheel slip on unpaved or snow-covered roads to ensure that maximum drive torque is transmitted to the road surface.

These components are used together with MMC’s integrated vehicle behavior control system, Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), which improves dynamic performance when accelerating, cornering and stopping by controlling the braking force at each wheel and the front and rear motor output.

Its 2.4-litre petrol engine, specifically designed for the PHEV system, not only offers powerful and smooth performance, but in series-hybrid mode can act as a high-output generator to achieve a high regeneration rate, while the larger displacement makes for more refined operation and better fuel efficiency, aided by technologies such as drag-reducing radiator grille shutters.

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer has an EV cruising range of over 43 miles/70 km (WLTP cycle) and with a fully charged battery and full fuel tank it has a total cruising range of over 434 miles/700 km (WLTP). This means that both driver and passengers can enjoy the smooth, powerful and quiet EV driving experience for longer distances.

Dendo Drive House (DDH)

The Dendo Drive House (DDH) is a packaged system comprising the EV/PHEV, a bi-directional charger, solar panels and home battery which is designed for domestic use. This is a one-stop service available at Mitsubishi dealerships that bundles together the sale, installation and after-care of the system and components.

Customers can reduce fuel costs by using solar panels to generate power during the day for charging EV/PHEV and domestic storage batteries, while at night, they can reduce power costs by using a bi-directional charger to supply power from their EV/PHEV to the home. This also contributes to the creation of a low-carbon society by using the electricity generated by solar panels to power domestic appliances or to provide the power to operate the EV/PHEV.

DDH even provides an emergency power source that can supply power from the EV/PHEV or storage battery to run appliances in the home.

Mitsubishi Motors is working to enhance and convenience customers’ lives through the electrification of vehicles. When moving, Mitsubishi’s electric vehicles respond faithfully to their driver’s intentions but even when parked, they are no less faithful and dependable.

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