The Mitsubishi lancer Evo X has just been launched and the first tuning kit already appeared. The first one if from the Japanese tuner HKX. Next to the exterior upgrades, HKS will also focus on getting extra power from the engine.

The HKS Evo X will feature new suspension parts, lower ride height and different tire/alloy wheel combinations, a new exhaust system, modified ECU and uprated turbo and intake.

More info will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Source: VelocidadMaxima

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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.24.2008

If HKS is going all the way, probably an extra 100 to 150hp. They should change the colour though.

AK47  (133) posted on 11.21.2007

doesn’t look too bad... would I buy one ....uhmmm...HELL YES!!!!!!

AK47  (111) posted on 11.9.2007

tru but i doubt it will be ready for a modified sti

AK47  (11) posted on 11.9.2007

Japanese spec 280hp-422Nm
US spec 295hp-435Nm
HKS spec priceless!!!
I guess +40 to +50 hp...

AK47  (111) posted on 11.9.2007

yeah i wan see how much its horse power has been increased

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