We knew it was inevitably going to happen, but now Mitsubishi has confirmed to NJP.jp that the Lancer Evo X is dead. We don’t mean that the Evo X is set to be replaced by the Evo XI next year, either. Rather, Mitsubishi is killing off the model all together to focus its efforts on its hybrid and fuel-efficient offerings.

It isn’t much of a surprise, considering generally slow sales for the brand, and having a low volume model such as the Evo is not exactly a smart financial decision. The small Japanese makers are having a hard timing of making in the states and Mitsubishi’s closest competitor, Suzuki has already closed up shop and left.

It may seem slightly sudden for fans of the nameplate after the recent announcement of the special FQ-440 MR, but remember that is a small production run model for the UK only.

There is still hope for this venerable nameplate to return sometime in the couple of years as a hybrid sports car, but we don’t expect to see that arrive until 2017 or so. Still, as sad as it is to see the incredible rally-bred Evo drive of into the sunset, if it will give Mitsubishi the time and resources to make an even faster and more fuel efficient Evo XI. If you are afraid that hybrid technology will numb the Lancer Evo’s senses, let me remind you that the fastest cars from Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren are all hybrid machines.

Bring it on, Mitsubishi.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - Driven High Resolution Exterior
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The current generation of Mistubishi Evolution, is dubbed the X and it is quite the machine. With Mitsubishi’s Super-All Wheel Control AWD and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, the Evo X can hold its own with almost any machine shy of Nissan’s mighty GT-R. That 2.0-liter pumps out 291 horsepower for all US spec Evos, and gives this little rocket a 0-to-60 sprint around 4.5 seconds.

Source: NJP.jp

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