• Mitsubishi MMR25 concept

This year at the LA Auto Show Design Challenge you will be able to admire an interesting new concept from Mitsubishi, the MMR25 Rally Racer. This futuristic race car is an all-electric race car powered by four lightweight, high-efficiency, in-wheel electric motors whose output is boosted with the help of eight supplemental motors. The battery packs are positioned low to the ground in the center and on each side of the vehicle, enhancing the stability and lowering the center of gravity.

Mitsubishi MMR25 concept
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The interesting thing about the MMR25 concept is the omnidirectional wheel design that allows the vehicle to be driven forward while pointing the nose of the vehicle in any direction.

The concept has no window, reducing the vehicle weight, but the driver’s cabin has a 360 degree panoramic screen that displays the images taken by the outside cameras.


Source: Jalopnik

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

The cars really suite the future concept of racing car powered by electricity. The car has no windows but have cool outside cameras .

  (599) posted on 07.21.2011

Isn’t it too big for a rally car? One thing that I like on this is the omnidirectional wheel, even if the car is pointing to other sides, it can still go straight, and the weight is quite cool. This is going to be fast.

  (511) posted on 08.16.2010

It looks like an upgraded buggy car. There are lots of motors in this cars, haha.

  (428) posted on 02.21.2010

Actually, I cant seem to find the wheels of this car. They would be using it for rallies? How about the Pajero? I really hope that Mitsubishi wins a lot of rally races for this year.

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