Japan has been known as one of the world’s strongest manufacturers, thanks to brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan calling the Land of the Rising Sun as home. And while a lot of us the world over have been treated to a wide variety of high-quality vehicles from these brands, as far as manufacturers are concerned, Japan is more than just these three brands, for better or for worse.

One other Japanese-based car company that we’ve all had the privilege to come across is Mitsuoka. For those who don’t know, Mitsuoka produces some of the most aesthetically gawky cars you can ever find. Why they do so, we have no clue, but we assume it has something to do with the Japanese way of being aggressive and bombastic with their ideas.

In any case, Mitsuoka’s forte is to create retro-looking cars that are, in some way shape or form, stylistically copied from cars coming from the Western world. And while small in stature compared to the Toyotas and Hondas of the world, Mitsuoka is now primed to expand their operations out of Japan with their first stop being China.

The car brand is crossing over to China with the company’s new Orochi luxury brand heading the plight. From what we’ve gathered, Mitsuoka is planning to use the 2010 Beijing Motor Show – where it will formally introduce the Orochi to the Chinese market - as its stepping stone towards its planned Chinese invasion.

As far as we’re concerned, China seems to be an ideal first stop for
Mitsuoka, mainly because of its growing reputation as one of the world’s biggest car markets. In addition to that, the Chinese also have the tendency to be eccentric with their cars, so if you put one and one together, it seems that Mitsuoka picked the perfect country to market its vehicles.

Mitsuoka’s plan is to have 35 units in China by 2010. Whether or not it becomes a hot item in the country remains to be seen. But like we said, weird attracts weird so we won’t be surprised if the Orichi does well in its first voyage out of its native land.

Source: Antara News

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