It seems that Batmobiles – or at least cars with Batman’s logo on them – have come out in droves recently. But while others are rather poor imitations of anything Batman would really drive, there are others that look remarkably the same as the ones the Caped Crusader has driven. This particular ‘Mk1’ Batmobile fits the latter to a tee, and best of all, it’s for sale.

'Mk1' Batmobile up for auction
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Built using a 1973 Lincoln Continental Town Car – as opposed to the modified Lincoln Futuras that was used in the 1060s TV show ‘Batman’ – this particular Batmobile looks exactly like the ones Adam West drove as Batman in the show. Heck, this car has even gone on a ton of promotional events with West even driving the car himself on some occasions.

The car is being sold at eBay and while the initial auction has ended without the reseved price being met, the car is expected to be open for bids again soon with an expected price of around $60,000 - $120,000. If you’re the lucky one who ends up bagging this Batmobile, it actually comes with a valid tax and MOT, meaning that this car is completely road legal and you can take out for a drive anywhere.

Just make sure you don’t get mistaken for Batman himself.


Source: eBay

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  (939) posted on 03.4.2010

well i guess this is already a scrap, but for some enthusiast they are craving to have this in their garage.

  (406) posted on 02.14.2010

Batmobiles are really popular specially to those who are really avid fans of the series/movie. I like looking at the different batmobiles all through out the years but I don’t think that I would be buying myself one of those things.

  (808) posted on 12.14.2009

Really? If I have extra millions right now, I want to try my luck to bid for that car. It’s a collector’s item and must have for Batman fanatics like me. But on second thought, I think I still need to throw big bucks on modifying this car.

  (815) posted on 12.8.2009

old schooled bat mobile I wonder why they auctioned it, this one is a very memorable and unique car. Is that middle turbine work? Just asking.

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