What is with this latest trend for the auto makers to want something else than the usual cars? For example, if Ferrari asked for a antivirus, now Aston Martin has requested a personal cellphone. It has been designed by Mobiado and is still in concept form. Official debut will be made at the world watch and jewelry show in Switzerland.

And if you believed this is just a phone, you were wrong. The CPT002 is the key to your Aston Martin vehicle, automatically unlocking the doors as you approach, and when connected to the GPS in your car it will offer you a new level of social network experience; like this is everything you needed when you’re behind the wheel.

The heart of the CPT002 is the solid sapphire crystal, see-through capacitive touch screen. The sides of the CPT are crafted from platinum; they incorporate the battery, electronics, and SIM card allowing for the screen of the phone to be transparent giving the phone a simple modern look while maintaining a luxurious appearance.


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  (1211) posted on 04.1.2011

Well, considering that this one is made solely for Aston Martin, the price is expected to be going up that high. But yes , I also wish that they would put some of its features into regular phones.

  (409) posted on 03.31.2011

Well, the phone actually looks very promising, very stylish too. Too bad that the price is going to be that high. Thank goodness though that this isn’t a watch.

  (613) posted on 03.30.2011

Yup that crystal piece is the device’s actual screen. Rather nifty isn’t it. I wish they would include this one in other phones.

  (539) posted on 03.30.2011

So the whole screen is actually see through? Well, that one’s a rather nice touch, makes you feel like one of those techie secret agents.

  (25) posted on 03.29.2011

Wonder what these phones are up to in the near future. They are already capturing our lives 24/7 and replacing everything from television, to books, to guide, in short everything. Now cars are also dependent on these tiny devices.

  (449) posted on 03.29.2011

I don’t know what’s on their mind Beth_logan, But I think these bandwagons themed is kind of lame! You forgot to mention those hideous bikes! OMG! there’s still one thing on my mind right now..What are they doing in the car section!

  (797) posted on 03.29.2011

Well now, a phone that gives you all access to your car, this would certainly be an interesting gadget. Hope it comes with its own Aston Martin DB7 smiley

  (676) posted on 03.29.2011

This just proves that mobile is everything that we need now. Most car companies have been introducing us some seamless keys to operate their car in a new way. Mobile integration is also a great trend now a days, and this would new phone would pave the way of new concept on how we interact with our car in the near future.

  (592) posted on 03.29.2011

Aside from the Aston Martin logo, I really don’t see anything Aston Martin-ish on it. But with all those features, this is one thing that any James Bond fan who happens to own an Aston would certainly like.

  (336) posted on 03.28.2011

Wow, it seems that a lot of companies are going into this sports car themed bandwagon nowadays. First, they released watches; now they’re selling phones

  (31) posted on 03.28.2011

wow. A clean progression to a concept world that collaborates all the technology and gadgets to make our lives much simpler. The science fiction will no longer exist.

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