Buckle your seatbelts; we’re in for a rough landing

Lemme tell you from a little first-hand experience – it’s usually a bad sign if you see only sky from behind the wheel of a race car. Unless you’re hitting a high-speed crest in a rally monster, catching air on all four wheels usually means you’re about to find the mean side of a physics equation. And that’s exactly what happened to Stevie Fast in his fox body Mustang when he went shiny side down in this epic drag racing crash.

The video was shot at South Georgia Motorsport Park at “No Mercy 7: World Series of Small Tire Racing,” held earlier this month. After doing a burn out and staging up, Fast and his opponent both launch cleanly, but things quickly start to go wrong for the car in the left lane.

The nose starts to tilt upwards almost immediately, and although it looks like Fast gets out of the throttle, the Mustang still goes airborne, sailing 300 feet before nearly taking out the 1/8 mile spotter camped out by the left-hand concrete barrier. The car then tumbles over onto its roof, sliding into the right lane before bursting into flames.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and the driver managed to crawl out of the wreck before emergency crews arrived to extinguish the fire.

As for the Mustang, well… maybe the steering wheel is still okay?


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