A small off-roader with big capability

The Smart Fortwo isn’t exactly complicated – in fact, it’s one of the most basic modern vehicles on the road. But it’s that simplicity that makes it a fantastic canvas for tuners and the mechanically minded. This video is a great example of that, demonstrating what you get when you take the two-seat kei car and add a little off-roader personality.

Ok, maybe the word “little” isn’t exactly appropriate here. Sure, the car is small, but the modifications are extensive. Posted to YouTube by user “Mr George,” background on the go-anywhere super orb comes via a link to Drive2.ru, which provides a brief rundown on what went into creating the custom mud-churner.

The owner (identified by Yahoo UK as 29-year-old Gerogiy Kosilov from the Ukraine) saw the Smart’s trailblazing potential when he discovered it came with a rear-mounted turbo diesel engine. Sure, it’s only a 0.8-liter inline three-cylinder with 41 horsepower, but properly applied, Kosilov knew the lightweight Smart had what it took to conquer the great outdoors.

The suspension was modified with components from Honda, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen, providing a full 360 mm (14 inches) of ground clearance. Big tires, new bodywork, skid plates, better brakes, and a larger radiator were also added, while all extraneous components were tossed to reduce weight. A whole lotta fabrication later, and the result is an uber-ATV with doors, a roof, and an outta-my-way attitude.

Hit play to see the thing in action in this one-minute, 40-second video of big angles, huge ruts, deep puddles, and grimy mud.

Smart Fortwo

2015 Smart Fortwo High Resolution Exterior
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