• Modified Suzuki Kizashi breaks land speed record

Whoever said that land speed records are only reserved for supercars and completely modified sports cars are sadly mistaken. You will probably be surprised to know that even standard vehicles – with the proper upgrades, of course – can have their (record) time in the spotlight as well.

Take this particular Suzuki Kizashi for example. While the Kizashi model isn’t exactly the type you’d associate for a speed machine, give it a few tune-ups and upgrades and you end up with a machine that can lay waste to a land speed record.

Such was the case with this model, dubbed the Bonneville Special, which clocked an average run of 203.720 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, breaking the previous record of 202.301 mph in the Blown Gas Coupe category in the process.

As part of the preparations to turn the Bonneville Special into a rampaging rocket, the boys of Advanced Product Engineering, led by Richard Holdener and Tom Habrzyk, put in hours of laborious work to power the Kizashi with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. They also put in the time to add a Turbonetics turbocharger, a new intake manifold, forged pistons and rods, an intercooler, and revised headers. The result of all that work is a record-breaking car that produces over 500 horsepower and 420 lb/ft of torque. These numbers were impressive enough to allow the Kizashi to stake claim to the land speed record of the BGC category.

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Press Release

Piloting American Suzuki Motor Corporation’s (ASMC) modified 2010 Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special, Road & Track’s Sam Mitani injected the Kizashi into the record books (and himself in the 200 mph club) with his 203.720 mph run at this year’s Bonneville Speed Week, exceeding the previous record of 202.301 mph. Despite a multitude of records - and record attempts - achieved by Suzuki motorcycle riders, this was the first official crack at the Bonneville Salt Flats by American Suzuki’s automotive arm.

Conditions for the Kizashi’s record-setting Bonneville run were exactly as the build team, Advanced Product Engineering’s Richard Holdener, Tom Habrzyk and Scott Bailey, expected. With temperatures topping 100 degrees, the Kizashi was running at a density altitude on the flats of 6,303 feet. After passing inspection, the 2010 Kizashi provided Mitani, Road & Track’s international editor, a perfect platform for qualifying with the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), the sanctioning club for all Bonneville records. The 203.720 mph record was achieved by calculating the average of a two-way pass at 8:40 a.m. MT on August 18, 2010.

2010 Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special

Beginning with interior safety and instrument modifications, the Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special underwent additional refinements to make it salt-ready. Once the work was completed, the team installed the SCTA-approved roll cage, an aluminum bulkhead in the rear, racing seat, seat harnesses and window net. Next, it was time to take a look under the hood. The motor was disassembled to confirm the stock measurements, while the cylinder head was flowed and ported. The Kizashi Bonneville racer benefits from a new intake manifold, a tuned ’long tube’ header and forged rods and pistons for high rpm endurance.

With up to 16 pounds of boost from a Turbonetics turbocharger, the Kizashi’s increased horsepower required air-to-water intercooling (and snow water/methanol injection) - while its increased output demands a new ACT clutch and pressure plate. A scattershield is added, the oil pan is welded for a new drain fitting and a new 3.5-inch exhaust is fabricated aft of the turbocharger. Additional protection for the high-boost, high-rpm turbo motor is provided by full synthetic 5W-20 racing oil from Lucas Oil.

The Kizashi platform - and its Nurburgring heritage - is morphed into a salt-specific recipe with new coilovers, steel wheels seam welded, and speed-specific 15x7-inch Goodyear Front Runner® rubber. An air dam keeps the Kizashi’s nose planted, window straps and hood pins ensure the hood and glass stay in place, and a parachute can bring the high speed show to a controlled and shortened stop. Finally, a dual fire system provides the extra assurance so important for Mitani, with more than 500 boosted horses but only a few feet in front of his high-speed capsule.

To learn more about the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special’s record-setting run, race fans can visit www.facebook.com/suzukiauto or www.suzukiauto.com/allpoints/events/bonneville.

Technical Specifications - 2010 Suzuki Kizashi Bonneville Special

Wheelbase: 106.3 inches

Overall Length: 183.1 inches

Overall Width: 71.7 inches

Engine: 2.4 liter, turbocharged four-cylinder, 16-valve
DOHC engine

Turbo Boost: 16 psi (Turbonetics)

Horsepower: 513 wheel hp @ 7,700 rpm

Torque: 515 lb.-ft. @ 5,500 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Brakes: Front ventilated disc brakes/Rear disc brakes
(and parachute)

Tires: 15x7-inch Goodyear Front Runner(R)

Source: Suzuki

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  (331) posted on 10.7.2010

Yeah, because you go 200 mph every day, right?

  (763) posted on 10.5.2010

Technically a "coupe" is any car with less than 33 cu/ft of rear interior room, regardless of the number of doors or seats.

  (830) posted on 09.20.2010

Hopefully Suzuki should now capitalize on this Blown Gas Coupe Land Speed Record to jump start sales of the Kizashi..and eventually the whole Suzuki line.

  (778) posted on 09.15.2010

I think the only cars that could really argue about it is the RX-8 and those Saturn coupes with the 3rd "door". At any rate, as Mach delta mentioned, I believe it’s about interior space. Either way, there’s so many different categories for land speed records that it practically guarantees records are broken every year.

  (503) posted on 08.22.2010

Congratulations for driver who just smashed the current record smiley

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