• Moller To Sell Flying Car in 2009

    Flying Car

It’s every commuter’s dream. While everyone else is stuck in traffic, you get to fly right over them, laughing along the way. Here’s a vehicle to put you one step closer to making that a reality. A fully working ’flying’ vehicle that could be procured and parked in your garage as early as next year.

The M200G designed and manufactured by Moller International, is engineered to take off and land vertically, and fly to a maximum altitude of 10 feet. The altitude has been restricted so drivers won’t need a pilot’s license. The vehicle is controlled by the fly-by-wire computer which responds to the driver’s input via a joystick. The maker claims operation is easy and takes little time to learn.

The vehicle can be purchased only by way of an international auction that the company plans to conduct next year. Interested individuals can take part in the auction by proving that they can pay $150,000. Moller has been promising the world a flying car for over a decade, could it finally be making good on its pledge? Or a better question is, you already know the world is full of crazy drivers, do you really want to see them try to fly?


Source: Moller Official site

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  (516) posted on 03.3.2010

It wont be long in the future wherein cars will definitely be flying but for now, lets take a look at this as a toy. Its not safe at all and it is not a standard vehicle on the road. If people will see it on the road they may even get distracted and bad things may happen or something.

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