If you think that Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos are getting a bit repetitive as of late, almost all of them showing the rally driver drifting an all-wheel-drive monster around cones, people, or construction equipment, get ready to watch something a bit different in the footage above. This so-called Momkhana video depicts a mother of two taking her two kids on a drifting joyride in a Toyota Sienna through a suburban neighborhood, and then arriving in style at a Famous Footwear retail shop.

Normally, this would sound highly implausible, but the filmmakers and people in charge of the action had a few tricks up their sleeves. First of all, the driver is not exactly your average "soccer mom," but none other than Shauna Duggins, a stunt woman world-renowned for her work in a number of Hollywood action movies. Also, the Toyota Sienna has been thoroughly modified by the folks at J.E.M. F/X, who among other things also transplanted a 550 horsepower V-8 into the minivan’s engine bay.

Last, but not least, if you watch the "Making Of" video you will see that the two children in the back weren’t actually in any danger during the shoot, as some of the smokey donuts were done using a smoke machine and a set of caster wheels. Even so, don’t try this at home with your family minivan – leave it to the professionals.


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