• Mopar Launches Retractable Center-Mounted Bed Step for Ram 1500 Trucks

This will be quite helpful when climbing onto the bed

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Pickup trucks have been around for ages now. Even after being thoroughly abused, these workhorses refused to die. With changing times, pickup trucks became more than just people and luggage haulers and started being infused with creature comforts and even some performance upgrades. One thing, however, that remained the same was the pickup bed and its utility. But, not too long ago, Ram revolutionized this by introducing a MultiFunction Tailgate that was a simple transformation but made a whole lot of difference. GM followed, and now Ford is working on something similar as well.

While it was practical and made a lot of sense, climbing into the bed with the swing doors open was still a task. Now Ram and Mopar have introduced a retractable, bed-mounted step that solves this issue.

A Nifty Features That Will Make Life Easier

Speaking of Ram’s Multifunction tailgate first, it features a 60:40 split-type door gate that can open like a regular door, or be flipped down like a conventional tailgate. The 60:40 split makes it more practical than a 50:50 set-up would have. The tailgate itself can support close to 2,000 pounds. Interestingly, the MultiFunction Tailgate didn’t have a deployable stepper. But, the company has now introduced the retractable-bed-mounted step. It opens with one quick push of the foot and can be put back in place the same way.

Final Thoughts

Mopar Launches Retractable Center-Mounted Bed Step for Ram 1500 Trucks
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The part will be available through FCA’s official aftermarket brand, Mopar. It is made of high-strength aluminum with a black e-coat finish and is rated for 350 pounds. The bed-step is priced at $395. To make it easy for our readers who are looking to get this, here’s the Mopar bed-step part number: 82216265AB. This retractable-mounted bed-step can be had on Ram 1500 models with the MultiFunction tailgates. It will be backed by standard Mopar factory-backed warranty coverage. For the standard tailgates on the 1500, Classic, and the Heavy Duty models, Ram has three other bed-steps priced between $300 and $400.

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