What is the future for SEAT?

VW is the butt of many a rumour these days, takeovers, sales and closures, but what is really happening inside VW?

More Changes ahead at Volkswagen.

The German car group VW are still hitting the top of the headlines with stories of changes, this time it appears that the group may drop the only significant Spanish car maker SEAT, this comes ahead of plans to build the new Audi A1 in Belgium instead of using the Spanish site of SEAT in Martorell to do the job.

The changes that are due to happen in the VW boardroom are fuelling many stories of cuts, sales and takeovers, the true picture of what is really going on in the VW head office will only transpire when the dust settles and the future plans of VW are made public.

Seat have been in trouble for a while, and without VW they would collapsed a long time ago, it is hard to see what would happen if VW decided to drop them, as they do not really have a niche in the car market place, and the sector that they are in is fiercely competitive.

There have been many rumours speculating about the plans of VW, with the German sports car maker Porsche buying blocks of shares in VW it has been speculated that this is either a planned takeover or just a way of Porsche protecting it own market place of sports car production.

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