With all the speculations about Ferrari’s future was about time for someone to make it all clear. And the best attempt comes from WindingRoad Magazine, which in the last issue describe quite well what we can expect in the next three-four years from the Italian supercar maker.

Next to the F430 Scuderia what will be revealed this September at the Frankfurt Auto Show there will also be the more classic gran turismos, led by the 612 Scaglietti and the much discussed future GT known as "Dino", but which will get different name.

The next GT will come on one hand to comepete with models from Lamborghini and Aston Martin, but on the other hand to satisfy clients who seek greater comfort and want to own a part of Ferrari’s legend.

What we can expect to see in Ferrari’s line-up in the next three-four years? According to WindingRoad, the super sports will include the replacement for the F430, a model that will be powered by a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the 599, a replacement for the Enzo, and a few lightweight variations. The GT line-up will include a high-concept soft-top spider, the 612 and probably a superfast four-door model.

Also in the next years Ferrari models will see a few engines varioations. A v10 engine will never happen, but the V8 will be replaced in many models with the V12. The V8 in the F430 and the Enzo replacement will be replaced with a twin-turbo 3.5 liter engine. This new engine will increase power to about 630 hp. Also Ferrari is working on a much-improved seven-speed F1 transmission that will be used alongside the new engines.

A 2+2 model will be first unveiled next year at the Paris Auto Show or Detroit 2009.

Enzo will get a replacement sometime in 2011. It will be inspired by the Millechili concept presented this June. The engine will be an ultratuned version of the new twin-turbo direct-injection V8 with electrical engine energy regeneration. The main goal is to hit 660hp in a car that weights 220 lbs. Top speed will be around 220 mph and the 0 to 60 mph sprint will be made in 2.8 seconds.

Source: WindingRoad

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